In recent years we have found that there is a growing need for our recruitment clients to incorporate workforce language testing of candidates that they are putting forward for a job role to their clients. Many companies also look at testing the language proficiency of current employees. All Languages can help you implement this easily and efficiently.

Candidate language testing can ensure that you are recruiting team members who speak your language or that of your global customer base.

How candidate language testing can help you

If you recruit staff for yourself or your clients who are required to speak a second or third language, we can assess their language proficiency in the form of both written and oral testing and provide you with a full report so you know you’re hiring the right candidate for the job.

If your search for the brightest talent means you're headhunting overseas, we can help you to ensure that your new stars are ready to hit the ground running by assessing their current language capabilities.

Let us take the burden off your HR and recruitment department by specialising in candidate language training; we'll slot into your current recruitment process in a way that adds value and delivers efficient, quantitative and qualitative results.

We'll work closely with your recruitment team to deliver a package of candidate language testing that suits your business's specific requirements and which suit the corporate area you work in, whether that's customer service, medicine, law, sales, local government or any other. If you have specific scheduling requirements, if you're taking on a new contract, for example, we will work with you to ensure the job gets done on time and to a high quality.

We currently work with Randstad, Cactus Frontline and others assessing their candidates in a number of different languages including Dutch, French and Italian.

For a quick quote, email us using the contact form here or call now on 0207 247 1344. We will get back to you to discuss your workforce language testing requirements and offer you a bespoke quote.