If you are looking for online transcription services then look no further than All Languages! For the last 30 years, our clients have used our transcription services for common languages such as Spanish and German, all the way to Tagalog, which was recently completed for a TV company.

Transcription companies

Where there is a need for transcription, there is inevitably a need for specialist help; however, with the lack of knowledge that leads you to a transcription company in the first place, comes the risk of poorly transcribed files that are far from the original audio.

All Languages provides 100% accurate, in context and true to form transcriptions; they ensure that you get the correct meaning from your original file, in the most efficient way possible.

It is hard to find good transcription services in the UK however when you work with us you can be sure we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your assignment is a success. When we use the term ‘transcription services’ we mean everything from transcribing English to English audio and video files all the way through to translating from Brazilian Portuguese into English and then transcribing and time coding afterwards.

Online Transcription Services with All Languages

In terms of the online transcription services’ turnaround, due to the extensive number of transcriptionists that we work with we are able to return your document to you at the agreed times and more often than not, before the delivery date. Regardless of your deadline, get in touch and we'll put together a competitive quote. We'll work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need with regards to your transcriptions.

For a quick quote, email us using the contact form here or call now on 0207 247 1344. We will get back to you to discuss your professional translation services requirements and offer you a bespoke quote.