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As we move ever-closer to a more interconnected and globalised world, business translation is more important than ever. Whether you’ve used translation in business yet or not, you might not know the broad range of benefits good translation can bring, particularly if you are considering growth into new markets.

Business translation is useful in every part of your businesses, from contract negotiation to product marketing and everything in between. We take a look at some of the most crucial used for business translation.

Why more companies are using business translation

Businesses translate content for a number of different reasons into countless languages, but in recent years there has been a move away from just literally translating marketing materials, for example, and instead, thoughtfully considering how and why that material is translated.

Now, more businesses than ever are taking the time to consider the cultural context of the country they are translating for, and thinking about how such factors as business values, product aspirations and content itself can be translated in a way that has a real impact for people who live in overseas markets.

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Marketing is one of the most common reasons for using business translations. Let’s say you’ve been successful in marketing a product in your home country, but you’re considering expansion into new markets.

The trick isn’t to just literally translate all of your marketing content and hope that the new audience buys it; instead, translation involves understanding that market, their demographics, their desires, and using that information to appropriately translate.

A marketing campaign that works well in the UK may need to be significantly tweaked for use in the Philippines, for instance. There are cultural factors involved; direct transliteration could result in miscommunication, confusion or even offence.

Possibly worst of all, your marketing might have such low impact that your marketing is avoided, perhaps because it’s been done before, feels similar to the marketing of other companies or products or just fails to engage with the audience.


Contractual negotiations are a given when you’re moving into new markets. You’ll probably be looking to, at the least, sub-contract areas of production, manufacturing or whatever to local companies, unless you plan to build a new base in that country.

Even then, you’d need to negotiate a lease or sale of premises or the construction of a brand-new building. In fact, there are countless forms of negotiation involved that you probably take for granted when they are conducted in your native language.

Using top-class translation of contractual documents is key to ensuring that both parties have a full understanding of the proposed agreements and can make decisions based on accurate information.


Moving your business overseas will mean new laws and legislation will apply to you. Those could involve taxes, trade agreements, labour laws, health and safety, environmental legislation and a whole host of others.

Ensuring that you are compliant with these laws is key to making sure your business if fit and ready for growth into a new market, so it’s important that you both understand it and appropriately implement it.

Business translation helps you to arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to lawfully conduct business in a new country.

What if you need business translation?

You may already have translators on your staff but it’s likely that you’ll need to contract that work out. If you do, you need the best.

All Languages has over 30 years’ experience of helping business like yours to translate all kinds of documentation, from marketing materials to complex legal documents.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest companies around and we offer an efficient, confidential and culturally-sensitive approach that will ensure your message gets translated the right way. If you’d like to chat about your business translation needs, get in touch today!

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